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Battery balancer battery equalizer for 12V gel batteries and 12V lithium batteries

Torchn battery balancer theory , the voltage is used to judge whether the power of each battery in series is balanced. In the charging and discharging process of the battery group connected in series, due to the inherent difference of the battery group, the storage capacity of the single cell in the battery group cannot be exactly the same. Over time, a single cell in the series battery group will appear overcharge or over discharge phenomenon, thus reducing the service life of the battery. Torchn battery voltage stabilizer, judging by monomer battery voltage store energy difference, to balance itself, do not rely on outside of the charge and discharge, the high voltage battery transfer power to the low voltage battery with themselves, implement each battery with similar voltage , solve the battery imbalance caused by long-term use well ,and can improve the service life of the battery greatly .
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