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You Are Here : Home » News » Company News » What should I pay attention to in series and parallel connection of 12V energy storage battery?

What should I pay attention to in series and parallel connection of 12V energy storage battery?

Views:2     Author:Steven     Publish Time: 2020-02-28      Origin:TorchN Inquire

What should I pay attention to in series and parallel connection of 12V energy storage battery?

TorchN answers for you:

Meet the requirements of series and parallel:

1) Only batteries with the same actual capacity can be connected in series or in parallel;

With a 100Ah battery and 200Ah for example,

If a 100Ah battery and a 200Ah battery are connected in series = two 100Ah series connected have the same effect, the mathematical formula becomes: 100 + 200 = 100 + 100. Correct! Believe me you read it right! !! !!

If a 100Ah battery is connected in parallel with a 100Ah battery, you are very smart to use "the same principle" mathematical thinking. Congratulations, you guys got it right, it's just a little over half right! why? !! This parallel method is actually more serious than you think. This kind of parallel mode charging will cause serious bias current, overcharge, and finally self-charge balance! "Biased flow", "overcharge", "self-charge balance" look stunned.

We think of 100Ah as a poor student and 200Ah as a good student who helps others. During the class, the good student could fully understand what the teacher said, but the poor student only understood half of it, but the good student was a good student who helped others. After class, he still had to explain to the poor student until the poor student understood everything.

The "biased flow" means that the good students learn more in the same class, and the poor students learn less.

"Overcharge" means that the teacher understands the basic knowledge and the poor student can understand it, but when it comes to raising the problem, the student feels burned. Overshoot is the brain-burning process of poor students.

"Self-adequate balance" means that good students who are helpful after class make up lessons for poor students, but poor students sometimes make troubles. There can only be two results. The poor student is taken away, or the good student becomes worse. It is learned from life experience that good is getting worse! From the positive and negative mathematical principles, I know that it is worse! Haha just kidding!


2) Only new batteries from the same manufacturer can be connected in series or in parallel;

Mainly because the same manufacturer has the same production process, the battery internal resistance is relatively consistent.


3) Batteries with different remaining capacities cannot be used in series, especially not in parallel. All batteries with different capacities should be charged and saturated before being used in series or in parallel;

It is often overlooked in the actual installation process, which will reduce the damage between the batteries. It's like participating in a 4 * 100 relay race. One of them just ran once and he has half of his physical strength. You definitely don't want him to be in the same team with him. You also want to wait for him to rest before participating in the competition.

In this case, remember to connect in parallel. If a battery with a high capacity in parallel will charge a battery with a low capacity so that the two powers are consistent, but if one battery capacity is 100% and one is 10%, then the charging current is far greater than the battery charge. Accept the current, then the external wiring is easy to blow.


4) It is recommended not to exceed 16 strings in series and 4 parallel in parallel;

Don't ask why the experiment was obtained! Just remember him. From the customer usage and the data we tested ourselves, these are personally the most reasonable matches.

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