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You Are Here : Home » News » What is the role of the gel battery exhaust valve?

What is the role of the gel battery exhaust valve?

Views:0     Author:Steven     Publish Time: 2020-02-21      Origin:TorchN Inquire

What is the role of the gel battery exhaust valve?

Torchn answers for you !

Exhaust way of gel battery is valve controlled, when the battery internal pressure reaches a certain point, the valve will automatically open. If you think it's high-tech, it's actually a plastic hat. We call it a hat valve. During the charging process, the battery will produce hydrogen and oxygen, some of the gas will compound in the AGM separator to produce water, and some of the gas will come out of the electrolyte and accumulate in the internal space of the battery. When the gas accumulation reaches a certain pressure, the cap valve will open and the gas will be discharged.


As the battery is recharged, it produces oxygen and hydrogen, which collide and recombine into water in the pores of the AGM's baffles, and some of it is expelled. The main purpose of the valve is to increase the pressure inside the battery so that the hydrogen and oxygen can better combine.


Most of the domestic valve control colloidal batteries are mainly used in the bonnet valve, many foreign batteries are used in the double - layer filter and bonnet valve. Considering that the separator of the car battery is a PE separator, which cannot combine hydrogen and oxygen like the AGM separator, the filter makes the hydrogen and oxygen not so easy to be discharged by the battery. How it did it. The filter has one characteristic: it allows only gases to pass through and not liquids to pass through. Hydrogen and oxygen come out of the sulfuric acid and they take the sulfate ions out, and they go into the vapor state. This is very trapped in the battery by the choke. The two types of recombination are different. One is recombination from the electrolyte through the pores of the separator, and the other is recombination by internal pressure. So if you use a compound valve you have both of these compound forms, you reduce the amount of gas coming out of the battery.

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