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What is the effect of a battery "fire"?

Views:0     Author:Steven     Publish Time: 2020-02-14      Origin:TorchN Inquire

What is the effect of a battery "fire"?

TorchN answers for you:

                  The battery will catch fire during the installation process. If it is within 1s of a short time, thank God, it will not affect the battery. Wondering what the current was at the time of the spark? !! Curiosity is the ladder of human progress! The internal resistance of a battery is generally several milliohms to tens of milliohms, and the voltage of a single battery is about 12.5V. We assume that the internal resistance of the battery is 15mΩ, current = voltage ÷ internal resistance (current = 12.5 ÷ 0.015 ≈ 833a), the instantaneous current of spark generation can reach 833a, and the current of 1000a can instantly melt the wrench. If the battery is designed in series and parallel, then you must pay attention to it, be sure to check the line and then connect the bus to power. If a battery is connected in reverse, then the system will be open after the bus is connected. It is likely that the battery will burn! Be sure to check!


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