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Torchn battery cycle life?

Views:1     Author:Steven     Publish Time: 2020-03-06      Origin:Trochn Inquire

Torchn battery cycle life?

The customer asked: What is the cycle life of your battery?

I said: DOD 100% 400 times!

The customer said: why so few, so and so battery 600 times?

I ask: Is it 100% DOD?

Customers say: What is 100% DOD?

The above conversations are often asked. First explain what is DOD100%. DOD is the depth of discharge, the latter? % Represents how much the rated capacity is used. For example: when the battery of a normal mobile phone reaches 80% DOD, the power will be displayed at 20%, the color of the battery logo will change or it will remind you to enter the power saving mode.

The number of cycles is to use it once and count it as one cycle.

I will use my mobile phone as an example:

Xiao Ming is used to charging the phone every time the battery is 0, DOD 100%

Xiao Wang used to charge the mobile phone every time when 50% of the power was left, and the DOD was 50%.

If two people use a mobile phone to make a 1,000-minute call, Xiaoming charges Xiaowang twice from one charge.

DOD100% 1 time = DOD 50% 2 times

So the smaller the percentage behind the DOD, the more times it will be. You can see from the above example. Generally, lead-acid batteries are about 400 times too high and not much higher. We have to remember that the life of a battery is its capacity multiplied by its DOD 100% cycles 400 times. For example, 80Ah battery 80AH * 400 = 32000Ah, as long as the total discharge capacity of the 80Ah battery reaches 32000Ah, it is almost dead.

DOD 100% 400 times has been considered the ideal state of lead-acid batteries, battery life will be affected a lot, many on the market say that lead-carbon batteries can reach 100% of DOD 100% or so. At present, it is still not fully mature in the experimental stage and entered the market . There are many factors affecting the number of battery cycles, the addition of grid alloys, lead paste auxiliary materials, improvement of assembly, improvement of exhaust valves, etc.

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