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You Are Here : Home » News » Company News » How to tell different weight 12V200Ah batteries apart?

How to tell different weight 12V200Ah batteries apart?

Views:7     Author:Steven     Publish Time: 2020-01-09      Origin:Trochn Inquire

12V 200Ah battery weight 55Kg,57Kg,60Kg,how to tell them apart? 

                    The plate produced by the traditional equipment is thick and has a low use rate, which lead to 57 kg weight .

                    With the upgrading of equipment, the use rate of the plate is higher, and the new nanomaterials used in the paste,make the efficiency of energy absorption and release higher, and the weight can be 55Kg. 

                    As for the battery that reaches 60kg on the market, whether it is to increase the weight of the battery shell or to use other non-battery materials, it is not known now.

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