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How to maintain gel batteries?

Views:0     Author:Steven     Publish Time: 2020-02-21      Origin:TorchN Inquire

How to maintain gel batteries?

Torchn answers for you!

The VRLA battery is a maintenance-free battery with a normal warranty of three years. There is no need to add distilled water during use. It is different from ordinary car batteries. During use, the battery is not allowed to feed, and the surface of the battery is cleaned regularly.

In recent years, Indian energy storage batteries have appeared in solar off-grid power generation systems. Such batteries must be regularly replenished with distilled water. Why is there such a difference? !! Indian battery grid alloy is lead-antimony alloy, and Chinese battery grid alloy is lead-calcium alloy. The hydrogen overpotential of Indian batteries is low, and the hydrogen overpotential of Chinese batteries is high. headache! headache! headache! Too professional to understand!

Okay, let ’s make an analogy: we think of Indian batteries as water that boils at 50 ° C;

Think of Chinese batteries as water that boils at 100 ° C;

We heat them and boil them at the same time. It has been boiled all the time. It can be imagined that the water boiling at 50 ° C evaporates faster.

The battery during charging is like heating, so the Indian battery will lose water faster during the charging process. Once the battery loses water below the height of the battery plate, it will cause damage to the battery, meaning Later, the part of the lost plate which filled up the distilled water no longer responded.

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